My art deals with the mind's conceptualization of time and space, while exploring the essence of the human experience. My current body of work draws inspiration from the Cubist and Futurist movements, as well as my endeavors within the cognitive psychology labs at Williams College. As I delve into the intersection of psychology and art, I am compelled by the notion of transforming static dimensions into dynamic narratives, where time unfolds in a symphony of colors and shapes. 
My color palette includes bold primaries and contrasting tones, harmonizing to evoke a sense of rhythm and energy. I found myself unsatisfied that realistic depictions of narratives were not getting at how I wish to visualize the essence of human experience—a vast array of emotions, oftentimes conflicting. My current work is the marriage of concepts found within my exploration of dynamic movement and coming to terms with real-life experiences. 
At the heart of my artistic vision lies the desire to create mindscapes that transcend the boundaries of conventional perception, inviting audiences to lose themselves in the labyrinthine corridors of thought and emotion. With an emphasis on the dynamic interplay of hues, I invite viewers into a world alive with vibrant energy and visual intensity. Drawing from my interdisciplinary background in art and cognitive psychology, I aim to evoke a spectrum of feelings, encouraging viewers to pause, reflect, and delve deeper into the nuances of their own consciousness.
Lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts 
BA, Williams College, Williamstown, MA, 2024
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